SPN 9.16 - Blade Runners | ""drop the blade""


Sam’s voice snapping Dean out of the Mark-of-Cain-induced rage, with the BGM removed.  well, sort of, there’s still a sort of humming noise that’s also on the “center” dialogue track, but I think that actually makes it cooler

supernatural: it’s been well spent 9 years of my life


Whatever you do with your mouth there - stop it! Reloaded ;) - SN: 07x07

You roll with a guy so many years, you start to think he’s always gonna be next to you. Like, when you’re old and you’re drinking on the porch, he’ll be in that other rocking chair. And then something happens, and you realize that other chair has gone empty.

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Oh come on! What now they’re keying cars?!?

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9.16 - Blade Runners

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so i just noticed Garth in Simple Plan’s video “I’m just a kid” oh my GOD

dean reacting to crowley in 9x16

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